How we work

We believe the only accurate way to give you a quote is by providing you with a no-obligation free home quote. This will ensure that you get the most realistic cost estimate for your move. We stand by the quote we give to you as a result of a home quote. This quote is a fixed, firm quote.


Here's what happens during our home quote:

  • Wayne, who is an experienced Surveyor, will visit your home on the day and at the time you have arranged with him.
  • Wayne will need to be shown all areas of your home, including garages, outbuildings and gardens. He will itemize all the contents.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that Wayne is in no doubt what is to be moved and what will stay behind.
  • Wayne can advise you on moving special items such as grandfather clocks, pianos, paintings any items that are particularly fragile.
  • If storage is required, Wayne can run through our various long or short term storage solutions.
  • After the home quote visit we will send you a Quotation via post, email or tell you the quote over the phone.
  • The quote will confirm the details of your move and the cost of the service you have chosen.
  • If the Quotation is acceptable all you need to do is sign the Quotation Form and return it to us and will get you moving.